Large Wall Clock, Steampunk Decor

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These large wall clocks are made entirely from recycled bicycle parts found in local bike shop recycling bins. Each clock has an overall size of 14″ – 16 with a clock portion of 6 – 8″ in diameter and an oversize double or triple gear on the bottom suspended by a length of bike chain, a great addition to your steampunk decor. Because I only use recycled bicycle parts the materials I have available change as I pick up a new load of parts. This means your wall clock won’t look like the photos (that could show clocks that have already sold) but will be the exact same size, design, and general idea as shown.

* Interested in a specific brand of gears or chaining? Love the look of the red or gold bicycle chain and want me to incorporate it into your clock? Or do you want your order to look as close as possible to one of the photos you see in a listing? Most of the time I can do all of this, simply mention your requests in the ‘Notes To Seller” box when you place your order, and I will make it happen!

* We use high end American made clock mechanisms and include the battery you need to get up and running as soon as you unpack your wall clock. You can choose the color and style of clock hands when you place your order a fun way to customize your clock to your decor.

* All of the wall clocks we create are made from discarded bicycle parts found in bike shop recycling bins and as a result, you will find scratches, scuffs, bits of rust, oxidation and missing paint. I do my best to clean and polish everything before I transform them into clocks, but these are authentic so typical signs of wear and use should be expected.



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